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Retirement Planning

Retirement is a fact of life. Less than 6% of all South Africans will be able to continue their current lifestyle after retirement. What must you do to ensure that you retire independently? Start planning for your retirement as soon as possible. Retirement planning can be divided into two major stages:
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Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of accumulating and disposing of an estate to maximize the goals of the estate owner. The various goals of estate planning include making sure the greatest amount of the estate passes to the estate owner’s intended beneficiaries, often including paying the least amount of taxes. Additional goals typically include providing for and designating guardians for minor children and planning for incapacity. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your existing last will and testament and advise you on income tax, capital gains tax, estate duty and we will make the necessary recommendations to amend your will if need be. It is never too early or too late to start planning your estate. Make sure that your wishes are carried out after your death. It is important that your loved ones are left with adequate income and resources after your death.
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Financial Services:

Investment Planning

Investment planning is the process of determining how to invest current assets and future savings based on your financial goals, your attitude towards risk, your current financial position and your tax status. We will provide you with a holistic and comprehensive investment plan which will assess the following:
  • Risk
  • Liquidity
  • Tax implications
  • Term
  • Financial goals
  • Costs
It is our experience that many investors are not happy with their investments, merely because they did not understand the investment that they invested in. It is very important to us that all our clients know exactly what they are invested in, and that they understand the investment.
Financial Services:

Risk Cover

Your single biggest asset is not your house, as you may believe, but your ability to earn a monthly income. What will happen when you lose this ability to earn an income? Obviously, you or your dependents will have to live without the income. You can lose your ability to earn an income because of:
  • Death
  • Disability
  • Dreaded disease
We can provide you with a comprehensive plan to determine the amount of life cover, disability cover and the amount of cover against dreaded disease that you may require. This will ensure that you and/or your dependents will be able to continue your current lifestyle in the event of losing your ability to earn an income. Ask yourself what will happen if my husband/wife falls victim to one of the above mentioned events. If you are not sure about the answer, it is time to contact us.